Posted by: Alison Daykin | March 27, 2009

Just to Whet your Appetite

After working with yarns and fibres for a few years, I

Tech Sheet Front

developed a “tech” sheet to help me keep a record of what I do. Here, on the right is the front of one of my sheet.

Below you will see the back of the “tech” sheet with it’s wrapping of the blended fibres.

This isn’t a particularly fancy yarn, just a play at blending the correct colours, really!  There is space on the back of the sheet to show elements of each yarn, from singles right through to the different plys.

If you’d like a copy of these sheets please fill in the comment form below and I’ll email a pdf copy to you.




  1. Thank you Alison for sharing your tech sheet with me. I would appreciate you emailing a copy to me.

    I took a class in Oregon, USA, this summer doing very much the same thing you do with using a photo or picture to develope fiber colors. It was so much fun and exciting to see how it’s possible to blend colors that look wonderful together. I’m very much a visual person so this really helped me.

    Where are you located?
    Thank you again for sharing your tech sheet.
    Have a fiberly day,
    Marilyn in CA

    • Hello Marilyn,
      I’m so glad you like what I do and that you found someone in Oregon who does it too!
      I’ll email the tech sheet to you as soon as I’ve signed off here.

      I live in South Derbyshire, right in the middle of the UK!

      Best wishes


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