Posted by: Alison Daykin | November 7, 2009

Creative Spinning in Kent

CSKent09 008webCSKent09 010smCSKent09 013webCSKent09 014webCSKent09 015webCSKent09 018webLast week-end I was invited by Kent Guild of Spinners, Dyers and Weavers, to tutor a workshop for their annual members day.

The workshop started at 11.15am and finished at 3.30pm and with lunch there wasn’t a huge amount of time for the participants to get their head around Creative Spinning from an image as their source of inspiration!

However, those who took part really rose to the occasion and produced some lovely yarns using colour blending techniques and some fancy yarn techniques.

Some of the results are shown on the left and the inspiration ranged from images from costumes,

Images of landscapes,

Images from greetings cards

Images from postcards,

And images from gardening magazines.

CSKent09 009web

By the way, I drove down on the Friday evening and stayed with Kent Guild member, Valerie Selden and her husband John, who own a lovely B & B in Mersham called Glebe Place.  So if you’re wanting to explore Kent or stop off on the way to France their hospitality is worth sampling.


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