Posted by: Alison Daykin | March 28, 2010

Funky Fancy Yarns!

More fancy yarns!

More Fancy Yarns

Fancy Yarn Workshop, Zeeland
Funky Fancy Yarns

Here are just a small selection of wonderful yarns produced at the Funky Fancy Yarn workshop organised by Alet Tienpont, owner of Textielwerk Wol en Zo in Zeeland, Netherlands.

Jane Deane, Amanda Hannaford and I were invited to the Netherlands for two, 2 day workshops.  In The Hague Jane tutored a Creative Spinning Workshop, Amanda tutored a Woollen, Worsted and Cotton Spinning Workshop and I tutored a Natural Dye Extracts Workshop for Dineke de Withe of De Spinners.

We then travelled to Alet’s studio where Jane tutored a Silk Spinning Workshop, Amanda tutored the Woollen, Worsted and Cotton Spinning Workshop again and I tutored the Funky Fancy Yarn workshop.

Some fabulous yarns were created over the 2 days in Zeeland which you can see below.

Lots more funky Yarns!I wish we could show more of these beautiful yarns, but there just isn’t enough space!




  1. How awesome!

    • Thanks, the group were really inspired!

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