Posted by: Alison Daykin | April 10, 2010

Creative Spinning at Birmingham Guild

Today I was invited to the Birmingham Guild where we had a lovely day spinning creatively! ┬áThe images they brought with them were lovely and couldn’t fail to inspire beautiful yarns. ┬áHere are the results:

Sheep yarn!

Frog Yarn!

Daffodil Yarn

Northern Lights Quilt Yarn

Norfolk Beach Yarn

Book of Kells Yarns

Scottish Moor Yarns

I’m sure you’ll agree with me that these yarns are really beautiful, especially as some of the spinners have only been spinning a few months!



  1. really beautiful just got a spinning wheel will i ever get to that stage best wishs enid Evendale Tasmania

    • Thanks, Enid. Of course you will!

      • Hi Enid

        I’m so glad you like the yarns produced at this workshop and as Jane said, of course you will be able to get these results.

        In fact, some of the students had only been spinning a very short time!

        Best wishes and enjoy your spinning


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