Jane’s Workshops and Talks



Jane Deane Textiles


Teaching is done at Leewood

Sampford Spiney

Nr Yelverton



and details can be found on the website


I offer a variety of courses in creative textiles. I am an experienced, qualified teacher and have been a member of the Association for many years. I also offers talks, workshops and demonstrations to Guilds, to the WI, and to other interested groups, most recently as a guest speaker on the Woven Stories course at the V&A.




Spinning for Beginners:

For complete beginners. Spindles and wheels are available to use at the studio


Spinning: Beyond the Basics

For those with some experience. We will explore the different methods of spinning and the relevant preparation


Whacky Fibres

Come and try some of the vast range of fibres now available to the handspinner, and learn how best to spin them



A comprehensive look at the life cycle of the silk moth and how it produces its silk. We will look at the range of silk fibres commercially available to the handspinner, and how best to spin them


Designing Yarn

This course will show you how to create a yarn from a photograph, painting, object or piece of writing that appeals to you. This course is for designed for those who feel they don’t have the necessary skills to design yarn, or any textile! We will work through some basic design exercises and create wonderful yarns.




Acid Dyes – Using acid dyes on yarn or fabric, we will create a repeatable dye library


Natural Dyes


Natural dyeing, mordanting and modifying the colours using non-harzardous materials and extract dye solutions will introduce you to environmentally and ethically good practice




The magical blue dye. We can dyes yarns, fibres and fabrics using an indigo vat.


Design for the Terrified


Using simple materials and straightforward exercises, create designs for yarn, fibres or fabric. Your sketchbook does not have to be a smart art book – paper and something to keep it in is quite enough



Easy Weaving


Come and learn how to weave on a simple loom.


Weave a Scarf in a Day

Using a simple loom and commercial fancy yarns, come and make a unique item to add to your wardrobe


Talk topics include:

 Cocoon to Cloth, an illustrated talk about silk and silkworms

How Not to Write A Book, an account of how Alison and I tackled the book!


All courses can be tailored to fit individual requirements. One to one or small groups can be accommodated in the studio. Courses can be run as one or two day workshops, or as a weekly session running for several weeks.






Mobile: 07929 739340


I carry a small stock of Couleur des Plantes  and Renaissence Dye extracts.



Talks: £60 for a 45 minute talk with illustrations and/or demonstrations

Workshop fees :

£150 per day plus materials or £200 per day, including materials

Mileage is charged at 42p per mile






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